Welcome To Concord Hall!

We’re glad that you’ve chosen to make Concord Hall, a Johns Creek community, your new home. We’re a neighborhood of 175 homes. We are governed by the Concord Hall Owners' Association, which oversees architectural covenants, as well as, grounds maintenance. If you scroll down, you will also find that our amenities (pool/tennis) are governed by the Caney Creek Recreational Association.

On this page you'll find lots of helpful information that will make your transition into the neighborhood as smooth and effortless as it can be!

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Concord Hall Owner's Association / Caney Creek Recreational Association

Utility companies and other helpful numbers

Concord Hall Recreation: Tennis, Pool and Clubhouse

Concord Hall Schools

Other local information & Links

Concord Hall Owner's Association / Caney Creek Recreational Association

There are two (yes, two!) mandatory Associations.

Concord Hall Owner's Association.
Annual dues to Concord Hall (due March 1st) go to the upkeep of our entrance and common areas. If you have any questions about our Associations, you can contact the Concord Hall President by e-mail at concordhallarch@yahoo.com.

Caney Creek Recreational Association Caney Creek takes care of our amenities, which we share with Highland Park subdivision. Annual assessments keep the swim/tennis/clubhouse/playground facilities in good repair. Dues are due each calendar year and are billed in late January, early February.

For Caney Creek questions regarding billing/finances/pool access, call Lindsey Malone at Access Management at 770-777-6890, ext. 114. For all other information, please visit www.caneycreekrec.org and to request a user password for the site.

NOTE: The fees are subject to change each year.

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Utility companies and other helpful numbers
So, the first thing you’ll need to do when you plan your move into Concord Hall is set up your utilities and other services. The list here is merely provided as a helpful reference. The Concord Hall Owners Association makes no endorsement of these providers. You are free to choose any companies you wish.
Electrical Sawnee EMC
Water Fulton County Finance Department
Telephone Resident's choice
Gas Resident's choice
Waste Pickup

Resident's choice
Red Oak and Waste Management widely used in neighborhood

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Concord Hall Recreation: Tennis, Pool

We’re sure you’ll want to begin enjoying our neighborhood amenities right away!

You’ll find the pool, tennis courts and playground at the end of Cornish Court. An access key is required for all but the playground. Contact Access Management at 770-777-6890.

Since living in Concord Hall means living in Atlanta, our tennis community includes both men’s and women’s USTA and ALTA leagues. If you are interested in these programs send an e-mail to tennis@caneycreekrec.org.

The swimming pool opens for weekend use only in early May and is open daily during summer break. Hours do vary, so see the signs posted at the pool. When school begins in August, the pool returns to its weekend-only schedule. No swimming is ever allowed without a lifeguard on duty. If you would like a copy of the pool rules, please e-mail pool@caneycreekrec.org.

Playground/Common Area
Caney Creek Recreation also offers an age-appropriate playground, basketball courts and open areas.


The Caney Creek Clubhouse is available to use for a small fee for members in good standing, between the hours of 8am and midnight any day of the week. Clubhouse reservations are available through Caney Creek Recreation (www.caneycreekrec.org)

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Concord Hall Schools

Fulton County Schools *

* subject to periodic rezoning

Concord Hall is pleased to be part of one of the most outstanding clusters in the county.

Our youngest children (grades K-5) attend Lake Windward Elementary, located at 11770 East Fox Court, just off Jones Bridge Road. You can get registration information by calling 770-740-7050.

Middle school students (grades 6-8) attend Taylor Road Middle School, at 5150 Taylor Road. Call 770-740-7090 for enrollment information.

Our High School (grades 9-12) is Chattahoocee High School, at 5230 Taylor Road. Call 770-521-7600 for enrollment information.

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Other Local Information & Links
Alpharetta boasts many nearby parks and recreational facilities.

Contact the Alpharetta Parks and Recreation department to find out about team sports and other community activities.

Area parks include Webb Bridge Park (playground, picnic areas, walking/running trails, soccer and baseball fields) and Wills Park (playground, baseball fields, picnic areas, and public pool).

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